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5 Flask Vacuum Mixer



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Yihui Brand Five Flasks Stainless steel automatic vacuum mixer



Model: M.VM.SAS01

Volt :three phase  380V  50HZ  


Exhaust speed:1.5L/s

Max pressure:30InHg

Outer size:700*400*690


This kind of mixer can hold maximum 5 pcs flasks for size 4*10 inch. Operation is easy and convenient. Vacuumizing can be started during mixing is its advantage. Mixing and pouring can be done under vacuum status helps to save time and avoid water drops and bubbles. It is prefer for Jewelry making and meets the needs of fine casting,



1. Prepare water and investment powder in a certain rate.

2. Open the cover of underside barrel and put flasks inside, make sure flask is sitting at right place.

3. Put water and investment powder into upper mixing barrel, and close it with cover.

4. Set mixing time to be 3-4 minutes, vacuum time to be 7-8 minutes and turn on “MIXING TIME SWITCH”and “VACUUM TIME SWITCH”.

5. Turn on “MINXING” and “VACUUM” switch, mixing and vacuum is on. Pour wet investment into flask after mixing is over.

6. Switch off ‘MIXING’ and ‘MIXING TIME SWITCH’when buzzing alarm. When buzzing again, switch off “VACUUM” and “VACUUM TIME SWITCH”.

7. Take out flask, put it in dry place to let investment powder become hard..


Function for option

1. Adjustable speed for mixing

2.Vibration for underside barrel





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